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Innovates with customers to help feed & enhance the world by designing, delivering, servicing high value solutions at the heart of growing & sustaining our diverse communities.

Food Processing Solutions for a New World

When leading food and beverage manufacturers around the globe need exemplary process equipment, automation, and innovation, they often turn to SPX® FLOW. In more than a century of operation, SPX FLOW has invented key process components and continues to drive innovation in helping customers meet their everpresent need for high product quality, safety and operating efficiency with minimal waste and low operating costs.

This tradition of innovation continues today as the company applies its industry knowledge and creativity to provide food producers the equipment, processes and agility they need to meet emerging market demand for appealing, nutritional and sustainable food and beverages.

The SPX FLOW equipment portfolio includes rotating, actuating and hydraulic technologies and the company is especially well-known for its high performance thermal processing (UHT), separation, mixing, blending and drying technology – all of which are instrumental in optimizing taste, mouthfeel, shelf-life, processability and characteristics of ingredients.

Much of the food product and production innovation happens in SPX FLOW Global Innovation Centers, where technologists and process experts work with customers to fine- tune their end products, recipes and processes to meet new market opportunities. The Innovation Centers are small-case multipurpose production facilities, fully-equipped to support product development, trials and testing.

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