Project omschrijving


SoFine Foods creates plant-based food that is not only better for people, animals and the planet, but… above all, tastes amazing!

Their ambition is to fulfil the wishes of customers and consumers in an innovative & sustainable way. The most important thing is to ensure that everybody is – or becomes – a fan of the fantastic flavours of plant based products!In 1963 they started making tofu, for the people who came from Indonesia to the Netherlands. Which makes them a pioneer in plant based food in this part of the world. Nowadays SoFine Foods offers an attractive and wide assortment of delicious plant based products for everyone: young and old, small or big eater.

The product portfolio consists of tofu & vegetable products, meat- & fish-alternatives and even cheese-alternatives.With a clear vision towards the future, SoFine Foods creates delicious food today, for a better world tomorrow.