Project omschrijving

Ostara utilises R&D capabilities of leading institutes globally who are well-placed to focus on innovating technologies within the fields of Agri-Food and nutrition. When it comes to market needs, there are still many gaps which need to be addressed. Demand-supply challenges and limitations from primitive inputs slow down the progress of Agri-Tech development.

At Ostara, we explore how food technology can be used to transform life experiences, and partner with the best minds who can help us make the future of our dreams, a reality.

We do this by identifying new and exciting research opportunities for the downstream Agri-Tech industry and use our ability to back reputed institutes working towards sustainable solutions for the future.

Through this intellectual discourse we aim to build last mile connectivity of modern value chain solutions and commercialise the research-based innovations we fund in order to build a market for brands driven by a modern and low-impact consumer experience.