Project omschrijving


Texturized plant protein ingredients for B2B food products.

High moisture extrusion processing results in revolutionary meat-like plant-based substitutes with excellent bite and texture. Because the tenderness, shape and texture can be regulated, this meat alternative can be processed into countless types of end products.  Ojah is BRC-certified.

Plenti® is gluten-free, clean label, 100% plant based, neutral in smell and taste. The ideal base for industrial and culinary food manufacturers who want to offer their own distinctive products and dishes in their market. Bulk-frozen or IQF available in different shape variants.


  • 100% plant based on soy protein (non-gmo (ip)) or pea protein
  • neutral in taste & color
  • long fiber structure (firm bite)
  • high moisture content (> 60%), protein rich (> 25%)
  • low in fat, carbohydrates and salt, gluten-free, rich in fiber