Project omschrijving

Meat The Future by Positivo Ventures

“Bringing to market high-quality plant-based meat and seafood which is inspired by Indian cuisine is the aim of Positivo Ventures, founded in 2020.”
“We will begin in our home country, India, and then further expand towards the Middle East and Europe. We are finalizing the development of our first products: chicken nuggets, sausages, and Indian-style kebab, all of which are made from soy. We are also exploring more innovations to add to our portfolio, such as plant-based samosas and sushi.

Stepping stone towards Europe

A colleague at my former job told me about Foodvalley NL, which he got to know via an international student exchange program. He advised me to join, and I followed his advice. As a young and ambitious entrepreneur, I want to keep up to date with international trends and developments in plant-based meat and seafood. Foodvalley helps me achieve this by providing a well-organized network of research and industry partners who share their knowledge, which is something we don’t have in India. The ecosystem will also provide us with a stepping stone towards the European market.

Solving issues in texture and taste

I would love to get in touch with plant-based companies in the Netherlands and learn how they solve issues with texture and taste. In return, we could bring our creativity in marketing and product development into the ecosystem and share our insights on the Indian market – one of the largest in the world – with other companies. There is a world to discover for all of us.”

Deepesh Patel, founder of Positivo Ventures