Project omschrijving


Saving edible resources one beer at a time

At GrainGain we make the nutritious leftover residue of the beer brewing process, spent grain, accessible for the human diet. Our spent grain has 19-30% of protein, and up to 40% of fibre. GrainGain has collaborated with a local craft brewery and has implemented a drying technique to create a variety of delicious and nutritious products, ranging from flour to energy bars and protein powder to baking products.

Circular business expansion

GrainGain is now expanding their product range by directly incorporating the wet spent grain. The applied extrusion technique allows for the creation of various meat replacements. GrainGain has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from industry experts on their samples thus far. They are now part of Starthub and currently looking to expand their network further in order to set up production.

Price winning challenges

GrainGain won the third price in the start-up competition VentureLab Groningen. GrainGain won the Rethink Protein Challenge for students June 27th in Wageningen with €5000 and connection and support from The Protein Cluster the coming year.

Watch GrainGain’s pitch in the finals (minute 0:43:00 and 4:18:52) in the youtube video below.