Project omschrijving

Freggies: sustainable vegan fingerfoods & snacks development

Freggies aims to make snacking a responsible and environmentally friendly activity.

Freggies have a tasteful bite, are fiber and protein rich, contribute to a better environment and a good feeling. To make this animal-friendly alternative, we save a lot of water and reduce CO2 emissions compared to meat or dairy snacks.

The Freggies Sides & Meats consists entirely of vegetables or legumes with spices. They contain no added sugar and little salt, calories and saturated fat. Fry them in no time in the airfyer, pan, oven of fryer. Eat them as festive finger food or with a whole meal.

– From 100% organic soya (from responsible cultivation);
– Tasteful;
– High in protein;
– Low in unsaturated fat;
– Free from gluten;
– GMO free;
– Palm oil free;

Portfolio products; Satay, Shaslick, Stew and Freggies Fried Chicken.