Project omschrijving

Fervena by Innoso

“We want to expand, in the Netherlands and abroad”

“Healthy, simple and tasty. With this in mind, Innoso have been making vegetable-based dairy products – mainly probiotic, high-protein cheese based on fermented cashew nuts – for ten years. We currently have four varieties on the market, under the Fervena brand, and a factory, De Transitiehoeve (The Transition Farm) near The Hague. We are also a partner in RISE-WELL, a consortium of twelve universities and companies investigating how to improve wellbeing in the elderly.

We want to grow our business: increase production volumes, add new products of local origin, and innovative production equipment. This is one of the reasons we joined Foodvalley, in June 2020. Being a part of this network will help us stay up to date with the latest developments in vegetable proteins and broaden our network. Membership will also give us access to the Foodvalley Accelerator and other programs that guide start-ups and scale-ups as they grow.

If all goes to plan, in three years’ time we will be a leading producer of high-protein, vegetable-based, quality cheese, with products on sale in the Netherlands and other European countries. It would be great if we could work together with other members of Foodvalley, particularly with companies that, like us, are interested in new technology for the production of vegetable products, with local raw materials and attention to circular business models.”

Venetka Agayn