Project omschrijving

Locally produced dairy alternatives

De Nieuwe Melkboer (The New Milkman) is a start-up with the ambition to revolutionize the alternative dairy sector. We do this by creating the first Dutch plant based seed-to-product chain. With multiple years of experience with local soy cultivation, De Nieuwe Melkboer is working hard to provide the consumer with dairy alternatives grown and produced locally.

Being farmers ourselves, respect for crop and nature are crucial.

It has become the new normal to consume animal proteins on a daily basis, resulting in our food system being out of balance. This balance needs to be fixed. De Nieuwe Melkboer contributes to more healthy and sustainable diets, wherein the ratio of consumed plant based and animal proteins is restored.

We facilitate this by developing products that are tasty and fit in a healthy diet. We believe in the potential of a local and transparent product that contributes to current major themes around sustainability. A product with impact on a personal and global scale.

By now we have two years of experience in the field of local soy cultivation and we are working hard to make dairy alternatives from Dutch resources.