Project omschrijving

Recovery of high added-value food ingredients from vegetable trimmings and residue streams.

Biorefinery Solutions (BRS) develops proprietary, mild biorefining technologies to extract proteins and other high value compounds out of fresh biomass. Its focus lies on biorefining feedstocks such as vegetable trimmings and residues streams from the food industry. Examples are trimmings from onions, cabbage, leek, carrots and protein-rich residue streams such as brewer’s spent grain. Other feedstocks are fast growing crops such as water lentils (duckweed) and alfalfa.

Because of the mild refining procedures utilized the protein concentrates recovered remain non-denatured and water soluble. They have unique functional characteristics, such as gelation and foam formation and, depending on the feedstock, specific tastes and colors.

BRS’ biorefining technologies are commercialized together with value chain partners under license or in joint venture. Examples are onion residue protein concentrates presently commercialized together with Mol Onion Ingredients (Putten, The Netherlands) and water lentil protein with ABC Kroos (Groenlo,The Netherlands).