12 06, 2020

Online Themabijeenkomst Eiwitten: Zeeland, en wat nu?

Online Themabijeenkomst Eiwitten: Zeeland, en wat nu?

Op donderdag 11 juni jl. vond de online themabijeenkomst Eiwitten? Zeeland, en wat nu? plaats. Met ruim 30 deelnemers was de totale keten zeer goed vertegenwoordigd. Dat laat zien dat eiwit transitie door velen als 1 van de belangrijkste innovatie thema’s in de Delta wordt gezien.

De bijeenkomst was georganiseerd door Food Delta Zeeland, HAS Hogeschool en The Protein Cluster (onderdeel van Foodvalley). Doel van de bijeenkomst was om door informatie uitwisseling over de (nationale) eiwittransitie, de diverse onderzoeksprojecten, maar zeker ook de concrete kansen in […]

26 05, 2020

Protein Market Insights

Plant-Based consumer purchase trends

As The Protein Cluster, we took the initiative to bring together insights of the plant protein market and to share our own view on the potential of this market. We have marked some opportunities in plant-based food products and also highlighted the split in ingredients that this market requires. We see a plant protein ingredient gap coming up, which can be a challenge to this tremendously growing market. However, within our cluster (and not limited to) we see many ingredient companies jumping into this huge potential.

Check out the full infographic with insights by downloading it […]

7 05, 2020

Watch The latest plant protein ingredients Webinar

Watch The latest plant protein ingredients Webinar

On Wednesday April 22 The Protein Cluster & Protein Directory hosted a webinar about The latest plant protein ingredients. Now you can watch it online!

A combination of sharing insights and making new business connections on the topic “the latest plant protein ingredients”. In the plenary start and during various ingredient pitches you are updated on the latest protein ingredients. Below you can find the program.


Welcome by Protein Directory & The Protein Cluster
Overview of developments in the plant protein market by Jeroen Willemsen, The Protein Cluster

Ingredient pitches (5 min each)
1. Fava […]

17 04, 2020

Future proof meat alternatives

Future proof meat alternatives

There has been a boost in the range and consumption of meat alternatives over the past years. A trend that is likely to continue rising in the upcoming years. These products often cover the consumers’ needs to replace meat, which is an improvement for animal welfare and our planet because of lesser environmental impact. Though, by making use of local chains even more improvements could be made. Next to that, most of these products cannot be categorized as healthy products yet, since they do not comply to the healthy food standards.

What is a healthy meat alternative? […]

17 03, 2020

Rubisco foods opens factory for high-quality fractionated vegetable protein

Rubisco foods opens factory for high-quality fractionated vegetable protein

From onion peeling to cabbage leaves and water lentils: in their brand new multifunctional plant in Raalte (The Netherlands), Rubisco Foods, Foodvalley Member, are processing various types of vegetable residual streams into ‘green’ protein and other high-quality ingredients. The factory was officially opened on 5 March 2020 by Tijs de Bree, a representative of the Province of Overijssel.

High quality, sustainable protein concentrates

Rubisco Foods produces high-quality food-grade ingredients using products from local growers and residual flows from the vegetable processing industry: vegetable, clean label and organic (Skal) certified. “Imagine […]

14 01, 2020


Foodvalley NL and The Protein Cluster launch the Foodvalley Protein Facility Map to help companies to find facilities from pilot to industrial scale for the production of plant-protein containing ingredients, semi-finished products and consumer products.

The Foodvalley Protein Facility Map helps companies to find facilities from pilot to industrial scale for the production of plant-protein containing ingredients, semi-finished products and consumer products. We separate those businesses in sharing and tolling facilities. Please note that this map is ‘work in progress’. We will continuously be adding more facilities and more functionality.


Foodvalley Protein Facility Map […]

25 10, 2019

IPC-project results “Transition to Plant Proteins”

Plant protein project connects Dutch soybean chain

A two-year project, connecting every link in the local Dutch soybean supply chain from field to supermarket shelf, has just come to fruition. The results highlight the benefits of collaboration in developing new plant-protein products.

Innovation Performance Contract

Locally-grown soybeans was one of five starting points for the project, Transition to Plant Proteins, an IPC (Innovation Performance Contract). IPCs are government-subsidized cooperative projects between SMEs, in the same region, chain or sector, that collaborate in a multi-year innovation process. This particular IPC aimed to speed up the development of new products based […]

9 07, 2019

Protein Plan(et) Summit – Program

Protein Plan(et) Summit – 17 October 2019


A global  “return” to balance in protein consumption; less animal and more vegetable. During the 3rd international edition of the Foodvalley Summit: The Protein Plan(et) solutions and business ideas will be shared to strengthen the connections between meat, fish, dairy (alternatives) and vegetable industries and to find new business partners. This Protein Plan(et) Summit is an initiative of Foodvalley NL in collaboration with Wageningen University, Keygene and The Protein Cluster (TPC). 

The program is built around three themes: The Bigger Picture, The Consumer Perspective and Growing, Breeding, Soil. The Bigger […]

4 07, 2019

Winners Rethink Protein Challenge

Rethink Protein transition challenge – The Winners

ReThink Protein is an international competition for technical students. Participants were challenged to develop a business idea or prototype that is healthy, affordable and sustainable in the field of protein (transition). 27th of June the finals took place. Winning teams Grain gain (prototype) and Swap (ideation) won €5000 and support from Starthub and The Protein Cluster.

The Protein Cluster as impact partner and jury
TPC organized a masterclass during the kickoff for students. Besides, TPC was jury and coach for companies developing new prototypes the field […]

14 06, 2019

TPC- BOM Retail and plant-based products

TPC – BOM plant based products for Dutch retail

On May 29th TPC and BOM hosted an acceleration session on plant based products suitable for (Dutch) retail. Think of meat/milk/egg alternatives (or better called ‘successors’). Speakers from industry Michael Luesink (BOON) and Peter Schouten (Schouten Europe) shared their ‘road to retail’ story. A succesfull meeting with over 60 attendees.

Schouten Europe is one of the first companies specializing in development and production of plant based meat alternatives, introducing these products in Dutch and European retail shelves.

Anneke Ammerlaan is a well-known trend researcher and food watcher. As a culinary journalist […]