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1406, 2019

TPC- BOM Retail and plant-based products

TPC – BOM plant based products for Dutch retail

On May 29th TPC and BOM hosted an acceleration session on plant based products suitable for (Dutch) retail. Think of meat/milk/egg alternatives (or better called ‘successors’). Speakers from industry Michael Luesink (BOON) and Peter Schouten (Schouten Europe) shared their ‘road to retail’ story. A succesfull meeting with over 60 attendees.

Schouten Europe is one of the first companies specializing in development and production of plant based meat alternatives, introducing these products in Dutch and European retail shelves.

Anneke Ammerlaan is a well-known trend researcher and food watcher. As a culinary journalist […]

3004, 2019

Protein2Food Stakeholders workshop

Horizon 2020 Project on Sustainable Production and Processing of Protein-rich Crops

PROTEIN2FOOD aims to develop high-quality food protein from multi-purpose seed crops and grain legumes, through optimised, sustainable production and processing methods in Europe. TPC members are invited to share their insights and challenges and become a stakeholder. On June 6th a stakeholders workshop will be organised.

PROTEIN2FOOD’s objectives are:

  • to develop innovative, cost-effective and resource-efficient food crops that are high in protein, with a positive impact on human health, the environment and biodiversity
  • to significantly enhance the quality and quantity of proteins from selected seed crops (quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat) […]
2304, 2019

TPC Meets Green Protein Investors

TPC meets Green Protein Investors

On April 18th TPC hosted an acceleration session on Green Protein Investments. Investors Kim Anders Odhner from New Crop Capital, Willem Blom from Plantbase and Loet Rammelsberg from StartLife presented their views on the Green Protein world, top trends and what they are looking for in new protein propositions.

TPC members had the chance to introduce their propositions and products to the team of investors.

More information about the follow up?

Martine Boetje | Project Manager The Protein Cluster