705, 2020

Watch The latest plant protein ingredients Webinar

Watch The latest plant protein ingredients Webinar

On Wednesday April 22 The Protein Cluster & Protein Directory hosted a webinar about The latest plant protein ingredients. Now you can watch it online!

A combination of sharing insights and making new business connections on the topic “the latest plant protein ingredients”. In the plenary start and during various ingredient pitches you are updated on the latest protein ingredients. Below you can find the program.


Welcome by Protein Directory & The Protein Cluster
Overview of developments in the plant protein market by Jeroen Willemsen, The Protein Cluster

Ingredient pitches (5 min each)
1. Fava […]

1704, 2020

Future proof meat alternatives

Future proof meat alternatives

There has been a boost in the range and consumption of meat alternatives over the past years. A trend that is likely to continue rising in the upcoming years. These products often cover the consumers’ needs to replace meat, which is an improvement for animal welfare and our planet because of lesser environmental impact. Though, by making use of local chains even more improvements could be made. Next to that, most of these products cannot be categorized as healthy products yet, since they do not comply to the healthy food standards.

What is a healthy meat alternative? […]

1703, 2020

Rubisco foods opens factory for high-quality fractionated vegetable protein

Rubisco foods opens factory for high-quality fractionated vegetable protein

From onion peeling to cabbage leaves and water lentils: in their brand new multifunctional plant in Raalte (The Netherlands), Rubisco Foods, Foodvalley Member, are processing various types of vegetable residual streams into ‘green’ protein and other high-quality ingredients. The factory was officially opened on 5 March 2020 by Tijs de Bree, a representative of the Province of Overijssel.

High quality, sustainable protein concentrates

Rubisco Foods produces high-quality food-grade ingredients using products from local growers and residual flows from the vegetable processing industry: vegetable, clean label and organic (Skal) certified. “Imagine […]