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2510, 2019

IPC-project results “Transition to Plant Proteins”

Plant protein project connects Dutch soybean chain

A two-year project, connecting every link in the local Dutch soybean supply chain from field to supermarket shelf, has just come to fruition. The results highlight the benefits of collaboration in developing new plant-protein products.

Innovation Performance Contract

Locally-grown soybeans was one of five starting points for the project, Transition to Plant Proteins, an IPC (Innovation Performance Contract). IPCs are government-subsidized cooperative projects between SMEs, in the same region, chain or sector, that collaborate in a multi-year innovation process. This particular IPC aimed to speed up the development of new products based […]

407, 2019

Winners Rethink Protein Challenge

Rethink Protein transition challenge – The Winners

ReThink Protein is an international competition for technical students. Participants were challenged to develop a business idea or prototype that is healthy, affordable and sustainable in the field of protein (transition). 27th of June the finals took place. Winning teams Grain gain (prototype) and Swap (ideation) won €5000 and support from Starthub and The Protein Cluster.

The Protein Cluster as impact partner and jury
TPC organized a masterclass during the kickoff for students. Besides, TPC was jury and coach for companies developing new prototypes the field […]

1406, 2019

TPC- BOM Retail and plant-based products

TPC – BOM plant based products for Dutch retail

On May 29th TPC and BOM hosted an acceleration session on plant based products suitable for (Dutch) retail. Think of meat/milk/egg alternatives (or better called ‘successors’). Speakers from industry Michael Luesink (BOON) and Peter Schouten (Schouten Europe) shared their ‘road to retail’ story. A succesfull meeting with over 60 attendees.

Schouten Europe is one of the first companies specializing in development and production of plant based meat alternatives, introducing these products in Dutch and European retail shelves.

Anneke Ammerlaan is a well-known trend researcher and food watcher. As a culinary journalist […]