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TPC members

Currently the companies below are member of The Protein Cluster.

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Aminola: High-quality vegetable food and feed ingredients Aminola is a specialist in the development, import, export, production and distribution of high-value, high-quality vegetable ingredients for the international food and animal feed industry. The expertise of Aminola lies mainly [...]


Beefy Green

Blendmeat and vegan innovative mushroom products Producing mushroom-based ingredients for butchers and vega producers for further application into blendmeat and vega(n) products. Growing and further processing of oyster mushrooms and developing innovative mushroom-based food products.


BIC Protein

BIC Protein produces and sells vegetable flours, flakes and grits in the pharma, food and feed market. BIC strives to be a leading solution provider for natural ingredients. BIC Protein has been created in 2012 to become a [...]



Biobite produces organic vegan consumer snack products made from buckwheat or spelt varieties. Unprocessed grains, supplemented with oats, fresh nuts and fruits are used to ensure that Biobite's products have a good bite and satiating effect due [...]



Fungal fermentation technology BioscienZ is a young company developing technology for the production of food proteins based on fungal fermentation technology. These technologies include the isolation of new organisms from nature, characterizing these novel organisms and next to [...]



Colzaco supplies sustainable rapeseed products (oil and industry by products) for a wide range of applications, from health, to kitchen and food industry. To improve the Return On Investment (ROI) of sustainable rapeseed cultivation is the mission of [...]



Functional and Natural Ingredients B2B Contined is a reliable distributor of Functional and Natural Ingredients that provide added value by creating new ideas and innovative solutions in the Benelux since 1988. The assortment consists of specialized Functional and Natural [...]



Duplaco is producer of tasty, healthy and unique food- and feedgrade (micro)algae; available as powder or fresh liquid. Duplaco produces and develops unique fresh Chlorella and microalgae for wholesale using an innovative fermentation method, called ‘heterotrophic’ cultivation. Using [...]



Dutchsoy focuses on knowledge, promotion and marketing of GMO-free soy in the Netherlands, Belgium and Europe. DutchSoy strives to be the research institute for Soy Cultivation in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe through trials, thorough research [...]



Freggies: sustainable vegan fingerfoods & snacks development Freggies aims to make snacking a responsible and environmentally friendly activity. Freggies have a tasteful bite, are fiber and protein rich, contribute to a better environment and a good feeling. [...]



Innovative quinoa ingredients for tasty & nutritious food products GreenFood50® is a dynamic fast growing company that develops, produces and sells quinoa ingredients. These innovative quinoa ingredients are applied in bakery, salads, pastas, sauces, beverages, sports nutrition, healthy [...]


Herba Ingredients

Industrial food manufacturer functional ingredients Herba Ingredients is the allergen free ingredients division of the Ebro Group, a global leading food manufacturer in the rice & pasta industry. The mission of Herba Ingredients lies in the research, development, production and commercialization of [...]



Incr-Edible: creating sustainable, innovative, and superfood products from wasted rice byproducts. “Incr-Edible” was founded in 2016 by a rice producer to commercialize its newly innovated rice-based superfood, in Europe. Based on the experience and knowledge in the [...]



Vega(n) brand development gastronomic food concepts  Innogusto is a startup founded in 2018 by Carola and Mattèo Piano with a particular focus on developing gastronomic dishes based on meat substitutes, intending to appeal to absolutely everyone (vegans, vegetarians, [...]



Dairy and pea specialist  Lacto Trade is a dry dairy and pea specialist that has carved out certain niches in the market for customers who need more than just a simple dairy ingredient. Founded in 1996 with more [...]



Producer of hydrated vegetable fibers. Meatless® started in 2006 to find realistic solutions for health and sustainability issues in food products. Meatless® produces hydrated vegetable fibers. These fibers can be used to manufacture meat-free products but can also [...]



 Global supplier of plant based ingredients Meelunie is a leading global supplier of plant based ingredients such as proteins, starches and sweeteners. The Meelunie product range covers a wide variety of food, animal nutrition and industrial applications, and includes [...]



MFH-pulses sells and advises on several protein-rich food/feed products and ingredients: pulses, peas, lentils and legumes. Whole pulses (peas, beans and lupins), flours, precooked, vegetable proteins (lupin protein, pea protein, sesame protein, rice protein), food fibres from pea [...]



Multiflour has extensive knowledge of the full production chain of grains and pulses, especially ancient grains, pseudo cereals and pulses. The renewed interest in ancient grains such as spelt, teff, quinoa and lentils is understandable. Because of their [...]