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Royal Agrifirm Group offers her customers the best arable, nutritional and digital solutions to achieve a responsible food chain together. With almost 3.000 dedicated employees driven to excel every day, Royal Agrifirm Group delivers measurable, relevant and sustainable [...]



Aminola: High-quality vegetable food and feed ingredients Aminola is a specialist in the development, import, export, production and distribution of high-value, high-quality vegetable ingredients for the international food and animal feed industry. The expertise of Aminola lies mainly [...]



An innovating company producing solutions based on potato components for food, paper, building, textile, adhesive and feed industries. Avebe, established since 1919, produces and provides solutions for food, animal feed, paper, building, textile, and adhesive applications for the [...]


BIC Protein

BIC Protein produces and sells vegetable flours, flakes and grits in the pharma, food and feed market. BIC strives to be a leading solution provider for natural ingredients. BIC Protein has been created in 2012 to become a [...]



Biobite produces organic vegan consumer snack products made from buckwheat or spelt varieties. Unprocessed grains, supplemented with oats, fresh nuts and fruits are used to ensure that Biobite's products have a good bite and satiating effect due to [...]



BOON makes beans a key ingredient in the protein revolution We see beans and peas as key ingredients in the protein revolution. And so we teamed up with local farmers to create global impact. Together, we grow the [...]



All components to make foods are inside seeds. Therefore, instead of creating food from refined ingredients, Cano-ela extracts foods from seeds. Cano-ela would like to change the way in which foods are made. The company aims to [...]



Developing and marketing meat alternatives based on insect- and plant-protein (no soy) CheWOW is a German start-up (previously Bold Foods) based in Bremen. Bold Foods founded in February 2019, since April 2020 under the name CheWOW. CheWOW is [...]



Masters in Cereal Technology Codrico is a private independent company operating business to business in the fields of hydro thermal treatment of grain products and flours by extrusion and maize milling, for the production of grits for the [...]



Colzaco supplies sustainable rapeseed products (oil and industry by products) for a wide range of applications, from health, to kitchen and food industry. To improve the Return On Investment (ROI) of sustainable rapeseed cultivation is the mission of [...]



Functional and Natural Ingredients B2B Contined is a reliable distributor of Functional and Natural Ingredients that provide added value by creating new ideas and innovative solutions in the Benelux since 1988. The assortment consists of specialized Functional and Natural [...]



By connecting its unique competences in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences DSM is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. DSM delivers innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance [...]



Duplaco is producer of tasty, healthy and unique food- and feedgrade (micro)algae; available as powder or fresh liquid. Duplaco produces and develops unique fresh Chlorella and microalgae for wholesale using an innovative fermentation method, called ‘heterotrophic’ cultivation. Using [...]


Dutch Spices

Dutch Spices wants to make safe food for everyone and is unique as European company to produce the most tasteful herbs & spices blends, marinades and sauces safe of 24 allergens and without cross-contamination. This according to [...]



Dutchsoy focuses on knowledge, promotion and marketing of GMO-free soy in the Netherlands, Belgium and Europe. DutchSoy strives to be the research institute for Soy Cultivation in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe through trials, thorough research [...]



Freggies: sustainable vegan fingerfoods & snacks development Freggies aims to make snacking a responsible and environmentally friendly activity. Freggies have a tasteful bite, are fiber and protein rich, contribute to a better environment and a good feeling. [...]



Gold&Green develops, produces and sells plant based meat alternative  products for the Retail and Foodservice market. We are a design centric, research driven food-tech company, located in Finland. Our brand name Gold&Green®  refers to our Nordic roots: golden oats and green [...]