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Currently the companies below are member of The Protein Cluster.

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BIC Protein

BIC Protein produces and sells vegetable flours, flakes and grits in the pharma, food and feed market. BIC strives to be a leading solution provider for natural ingredients. BIC Protein has been created in 2012 to become a [...]



Biobite LKKR is our tough powercake. We produce the buckwheat or spelt variety. Valuable grains, supplemented with oats and millet, ensure that there is plenty to chew on. Ofcourse LKKR is completely delicious.



Colzaco sustainable rapeseed-oil for a wide range of applications, from health, to kitchen and food industry. To improve the Return On Investment (ROI) of sustainable rapeseed cultivation is the mission of Colzaco, a Dutch cooperative of rapeseed growers. [...]



Producer of tasty, healthy and unique microalgae; available as powder or fresh liquid. Duplaco is a producer of unique fresh Chlorella and a microalgae wholesale. They produce and develop food- and feedgrade (micro)algae using an innovative fermentation method, [...]



Dutchsoy focuses on knowledge, promotion and marketing of GMO-free soy in the Netherlands, Belgium and Europe. DutchSoy strives to be the research institute for Soy Cultivation in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe through trials, thorough research [...]



Innovative quinoa ingredients for tasty & nutritious food products GreenFood50® is a dynamic fast growing company that develops, produces and sells quinoa ingredients. These innovative quinoa ingredients are applied in bakery, salads, pastas, sauces, beverages, sports nutrition, healthy [...]



Producer of hydrated vegetable fibers. Meatless® started in 2006 to find realistic solutions for health and sustainability issues in food products. Meatless® produces hydrated vegetable fibers. These fibers can be used to manufacture meat-free products but can also [...]



Step into the world of ancient grains, pseudo cereals and pulses spelt, peulvruchten en speudogranen The renewed interest in ancient grains such as spelt, teff, quinoa and lentils is understandable. Because of their unique characteristics they fully meet [...]


Pulse Shack

Pulse Shack Pulse Shack is a start-up with the ambition to increase the consumption of pulses. Pulse Shack sells specialty beans, lentils and peas via the web shop and on markets and inspires through the publication of recipes [...]



We seek to be the most efficient and reliable supplier of fresh and healthy products gifted from nature. To produce, transport and deliver the freshest. We work around the globe to constantly deliver to you the highest of [...]