5 09, 2018

Green Meat Products: World record Vegan Döner Kebab

We are proud to inform you that TPC member Green Meat Products is now holder of the World Record Vegan Döner Kebab!

August the 23th, the last day of the student introduction week of TU Delft, was a very special day for Green Meat Products. On the University Campus they set the world record for eating Vegan Döner Kebab: a total of 3562 free sandwiches were consumed within five hours. By choosing this plant-based Döner Kebab instead of the traditional variant with meat, 2.5 million liters of water and a little less than 4000 kg of animal feed have been saved.

The […]

1 05, 2018

Meet The Protein Cluster during Seeds&Chips, 7-10 May, Milano Italy

Catch a glimpse of the innovative solutions in the Netherlands on plant proteins during the Seeds&Chips conference and have a chat at our booth.

Food & Health: Pioneering new products | 7 May, 14.45hrs
With a.o. Jeroen Willemsen, The Protein Cluster, and Green Protein Frontman

A changing food system means changing food sources, and nowhere is this more evident than in the rise of alternative proteins, super foods, and new ingredients. Whether plant based, cellular, or drawn from non-traditional animals these new products are among the most disruptive, and most important, additions to the global food supply.

Drop by the Food Valley booth D5 […]

1 05, 2018

Plant based protein trending topic Food Future Event18 in the Netherlands

The Plant based protein session provided the audience new insights into why alternative proteins are competing so successfully for the centre of the plate, the growth of the plant based cheese market and new technologies. Jeroen Willemsen, The Protein Cluster said: “The Netherlands is restoring a healthy balance in the consumption of animal and vegetable proteins, just like we did sixty years ago….”

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26 04, 2018

Bobeldijk Food Group: Next steps in Plant based products

“Twenty years from now, there won’t be enough meat to feed everyone anymore. So we’ll need something else. One of the alternatives is getting protein from plant-based sources instead of from meat. In order to make that happen, the idea here is that we want to eventually fully focus on plant-based production. And that sounds a bit odd for a company that originated in Deventer as a butcher,” says Remko Vogelenzang, CEO of Bobeldijk Food Group.

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Bobeldijk Food Group is established in The Netherlands […]

14 03, 2018

Dutch protein production gets a boost

Dutch protein production receives a major stimulus through the project ‘Field-bean chain innovation project’, the project, five organizations in the chain are working together to improve and advance the Dutch field bean. The aim is to jointly develop new food and feed applications for the field bean and to increase the acreage of field beans to match increasing demand. The project is supported by the province of Overijssel and meets a national goal of stimulating the cultivation of protein crops. […]

31 10, 2017

Green Proteins: Connect Technology with Creativity

Products with green proteins often look like meat products. The name ‘meat replacer or ‘meat alternative’ refers to something second best. Therefore, a new identity has to be developed for these products. The category offers opportunities for the food sector. Companies can meet challenges by co-creation. This can be concluded from the Green Protein summit in October 2017.

A fast growing worldwide population and increasing demands from growing middle classes in Asia and elsewhere, the large amount of land and water used to grow cattle, and health issues related to a high intake of (red) meat; the need of a transition […]

11 10, 2017

TPC-launch/Green Protein Summit big hit

Close to 200 international stakeholders met during the first Green Protein summit, organized by Food Valley NL, marking the official launch of The Protein Cluster. Dutch and international renown plant protein entrepreneurs showed how creativity and technology are both ingredients for Green Protein impact.

During the Food Valley Green Proteins Summit on 11 October, the Protein Cluster was launched to a national and international audience. A collaboration between the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, Food Valley NL and Oost NL, the Protein Cluster (TPC) will function as an international center for entrepreneurs – in the plant based protein chain – who […]

3 10, 2017

Green proteins ripe for investment

Innovation in green proteins has become a hot target for investors, with many predicting that demand for healthy, environmentally friendly protein sources is set to skyrocket in the coming years.

Robert Vreeman set up Corpeq’s Green Protein Fund in early 2016. He was first inspired to get involved in start-ups while studying for his MBA at Stanford and saw what his peers were achieving with a more hands-on investment approach. The decision to focus on green proteins came later, from observing general trends in food and nutrition, and the venture capital fund is now keeping an eye on a database of […]