Foodvalley Champion 2020 Protein Shift: De Nieuwe Melkboer

De Nieuwe Melkboer (The New Milkman)

“Bart and Tom Grobben, ‘plant-based -milk’ makers as they call themselves, really stand out in this field. They make farming future-proof in a groundbreaking way,” says the jury about De Nieuwe Melkboer, Foodvalley Champion in the Protein Shift category. With their plant-based dairy variations, from locally-grown proteins such as soy, co-created with local processing partners, they are shaping two transitions at the same time: accelerating the shift to a more plant-based diet and shortening the chain. “We are really pleased to have won this award. It will make it much easier to find and work with parties that, like us, want to produce vegetable dairy with proteins from locally grown crops,” say the two young entrepreneurs. Early November they have launched their first plant-based dairy product.