Horizon 2020 Project on Sustainable Production and Processing of Protein-rich Crops

PROTEIN2FOOD aims to develop high-quality food protein from multi-purpose seed crops and grain legumes, through optimised, sustainable production and processing methods in Europe. TPC members are invited to share their insights and challenges and become a stakeholder. On June 6th a stakeholders workshop will be organised.

PROTEIN2FOOD’s objectives are:

  • to develop innovative, cost-effective and resource-efficient food crops that are high in protein, with a positive impact on human health, the environment and biodiversity
  • to significantly enhance the quality and quantity of proteins from selected seed crops (quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat) and grain legumes (lupin, faba bean, chickpea and lentil), by using a multi-disciplinary approach, involving genetics, agronomy, and food-processing engineering, as well as sensory, socio-economic and environmental assessment.
  • to gain a better understanding of:
    • genetic mechanisms that drive protein formation and accumulation in seeds
    • plant resilience against biotic and abiotic stresses (pests and environmental factors)
    • protein interactions with other food components and their sensory consequences in the final food products


  • enhance the protein production by 25% through new effective breeding techniques and optimised crop management, with an increase of 10% of Europe’s arable land destined to protein-crop production, including marginal soils
  • accelerate the transition in consumption of animal-based protein to plant-based protein in Europe with clear impact on reducing the carbon footprint
  • increase Europe’s agro-biodiversity by introducing novel high-quality crops
  • develop prototypes of new protein-rich foods with a viable market potential
  • improve Europe’s visibility in the area of food processing and technology through scientific publications in high impact factor journals

PROTEIN2FOOD Results Alternative protein sources for food production

Read about new product developments via website of Protein2Food here

PROTEIN2FOOD is a EU-funded Horizon2020 RIA project (Grant No. 635727) working for innovative, cost-effective and resource-efficient, locally produced, healthy plant proteins for human consumption. PROTEIN2FOOD targets to develop high-quality food protein from multi-purpose crops (seed crops: Quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat & grain legumes: lupin, faba beans, chickpeas and lentils) through optimized, sustainable production and processing methods. 

More information via

  • PROTEIN2FOOD project manager Sabrina G Skjødt Apager Ruzanski: sabber@plen.ku.dk or Merlijn van den Berg: M.vandenBerg@Louisbolk.nl
  • Presentations can be requested in PDF
  • TPC member MFH Pulses is one of the partners and organizors of PROTEIN2FOOD stakeholder workshop June 2019.

PROTEIN2FOOD is an EU research and innovation project under the flag of Horizon2020. PROTEIN2FOOD aims to sustain human health, the environment, and biodiversity, with the creation of innovative, high quality, protein-rich food crops. Only crops with high protein quality and quantity are selected as potential important food crops in the EU.

The final conference for PROTEIN2FOOD is set for the 29th January 2020. This conference will showcase the results from all the research conducted over the five year period, as well as focus on the policy implications and recommendations of PROTEIN2FOOD to key target audiences (Policy and decision makers, lobbying organisations representing a wide spectrum and the media.

This workshop is a great opportunity for you to learn about the latest methods and advances in production and processing of plant protein sources for food. The event is free of charge, but please register using the link below.



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