The protein cluster Member update

After the launch of The protein cluster end 2017, the TPC network now counts 24 Dutch SME companies collaborating and developing ingredients, technologies or food products within the area of plant protein transition.

In February the first member meeting took place at The Green East; pilot plant for green circular agri and food business. Possibilities for testing, co-developing several green protein ingredients or products is possible within the facilities of this TPC member company.

TPC represents a broad network of ingredient-, knowledge, facility suppliers in the area of plant protein innovations.

Member companies can benefit from business support, visits to fairs and expo’s in the area of plant protein innovations. The protein cluster visits Proveg New Food Conference and Food Ingredients in December 2019 (FI).

TPC events for members

  • TPC German market vegan retail
  • Investing in plant protein business meeting- 18 April (Wageningen)
  • TPC meets retail partners – 29 May

Want to become a member of TPC? Please check out

Martine Boetje | Project Manager The Protein Cluster

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Currently the companies below are member of The Protein Cluster.