Innovation project “Transition to Plant Proteins”

Now 1 year ago, The Protein Cluster clustered 13 Dutch SME’s with innovative plant protein ingredients, concepts and technologies in an Innovation Performance Contract (IPC) titled “Transition to Plant Proteins”. In a two year period, the companies will work in 5 sub-projects on vegetable ice-cream, spreads, sausages and other products based on algae, fava beans, seaweed, hemp and soy.

Last week, at the half of the project, the members of the IPC gathered at the Foodvalley NL office in Wageningen to share their progress during the first year. I was very pleased to hear that all sub-projects made a lot of progress and already several products have been developed. The sub-project about ice-cream with fibers and proteins from vegetables even launched a website for their brand Tutti Piatti. I am very excited to see what is going to happen in the second year!

The IPC project “Transition to Vegetable Protein” has been realized in collaboration with the participating companies, Subsidiefocus and Foodvalley NL, and is made possible by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (in Dutch RVO). The participating companies are Duplaco, It’s Greenish, European Seaweed Company, The Dutch Weed burger, Meatless, Industry Service Mol, Hemp Basic Food, 2B Different, Ojah, DutchSoy, MFH Pulses, Botanic Bites, Addwise.

September 2019, the final meeting will take place, where all project’s results (samples, products, ingredients) will be presented to RVO and members of The Protein Cluster.

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Martine Boetje | Project Manager Foodvalley NL

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