We are proud to inform you that TPC member Green Meat Products is now holder of the World Record Vegan Döner Kebab!

August the 23th, the last day of the student introduction week of TU Delft, was a very special day for Green Meat Products. On the University Campus they set the world record for eating Vegan Döner Kebab: a total of 3562 free sandwiches were consumed within five hours. By choosing this plant-based Döner Kebab instead of the traditional variant with meat, 2.5 million liters of water and a little less than 4000 kg of animal feed have been saved.

The students were very enthusiastic about this vegan meat alternative and gave the sandwich an overall score of 7/10. Even the meat-eaters were surprised by the high quality of the product; 74% would order a Green Döner Kebab sandwich again in a restaurant. To conclude, it was a great success!


Green Meat Products is the first in the world to produce a vegan variant of Döner Kebab. The three owners of Green Meat Products, who all have a background in the traditional meat industry, wanted to create a snack for vegans and vegetarians that is as tasty as the meat variant. Besides, the Green Döner Kebab is healthy (high in protein, low in fat), gluten-free and made from GMO-free soy grown in Europe.

Do you want to support this initiative? Vote for more Green Döner Kebab through ProVeg and ask The Döner Company to promote a vegan kebab alternative in their shops.

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