Close to 200 international stakeholders met during the first Green Protein summit, organized by Food Valley NL, marking the official launch of The Protein Cluster. Dutch and international renown plant protein entrepreneurs showed how creativity and technology are both ingredients for Green Protein impact.

During the Food Valley Green Proteins Summit on 11 October, the Protein Cluster was launched to a national and international audience. A collaboration between the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, Food Valley NL and Oost NL, the Protein Cluster (TPC) will function as an international center for entrepreneurs – in the plant based protein chain – who focus on the sustainable-commercial potential and internationalization of ‘green’ proteins.

The Protein Cluster

East Netherlands already has more than 60 companies, research institutions and other organizations distinguished by their commitment to protein transition; the shift to a diet plan based much more on plant based proteins. “We see this high concentration of organizations actively involved in protein transition, together with the Protein Cluster, as a strong combination with great potential to increase export of ‘green’ protein ingredients, products, concepts, knowledge and techniques developed in the Netherlands. At the same time this offers a superb opportunity to put further development of local plant based protein initiatives in the spotlight “, says Roger van Hoesel, Director Food Valley NL. During what was a festive occasion, Food Designer Katja Gruijters shared with the public some green protein snacks she developed using plant based proteins from Gelderland and Overijssel companies.

Food Valley Green Proteins Summit

“Create a real identity for plant based proteins; one that is neither substitute nor alternative.” “We’ve started developing products such as fruit salami, with less meat and more plant based ingredients added. The success of these products lies in the fact that we do not remove anything from the product, but rather add plant based ingredients.” These statements, from keynote speakers, give a real flavor of the event. In addition to stories about inspiring successes, and new methods to accelerate product development and to achieve actual innovation, we were introduced to the Green Protein Fund, an investor fund aimed at marketing sustainably-produced products made with plant based proteins. During lunch there was an opportunity for company pitches, and innovation tasting based on products and ingredients from participating companies, prepared by Topsport Restaurant Papendal in Arnhem.

Close to visitors from Canada, China, England, Indonesia, Japan, the Netherlands and South Korea participated in the Food Valley Green Proteins Summit, the second in a series of four which saw Salt Reduction take place earlier this year, Personalized Nutrition on 12 October and Food Packaging on 7 December. The aim of Food Valley Summits is to stimulate innovation and business by sharing learning and leading-edge developments with companies, knowledge institutes and the government, and offering companies a platform for networking, communication and collaboration. Food Valley Summits are made possible, in part, by the province of Gelderland and the municipality of Ede.

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